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 The Flood

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Stupid Devil

Mesaje : 14
Data de înscriere : 11/11/2008
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MesajSubiect: The Flood   Mar Noi 18, 2008 12:10 pm

The Flood

It rains today
Rained yesterday
Tomorrow it will rain again
It rains and rains,day after day
The tears of an endless pain
When will this end?
I look above the once blue skies
Now watching with their angry eyes
How come we didn't see the clouds?
We lived our lives,day after day
Just fighting for our 'hopes' and 'dreams'
Fighting the others till in end
They have become our enemies
Now we're still fighting...
And for what?
We fight for love and we get hate
I look in past closing my eyes
Try to remember how it was
The memories are flooding me
Warming my heart,melting the ice:
The sun was shining
Skies were blue,
The kids were laughing,
Life was true..
When did the kids began to cry?
When did our lives become a lie?
U Lord,u knew it from the start
In u're arrogance u said:
"U don't belive me??
Play as u like and u will see"
And now we see..
But is too late
Sus In jos
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Mesaje : 11
Data de înscriere : 10/11/2008
Varsta : 32
Localizare : constanta

MesajSubiect: damn   Mier Noi 19, 2008 1:23 am

it is realy good.serious:D
Sus In jos
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The Flood
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