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 some old lyrics

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MesajSubiect: some old lyrics   Vin Noi 14, 2008 12:04 am

A lesson
I don’t wanna die before my time,
When I have so much to learn
Cuz’ life is a LESSON
From the book u keep in MIND
So hard to understand
But easy to spend.
Each day u turn the page
Somethin’ new comes in ya eyez
U don’t understand the words of life
Which comes into ya mind,
So read one more time
Cuz’ it’s ya life.
And time pass by
U don’t realize,
Someone close to u die
Now …u open ya eyez
To c real life.

Some thingz don’t change

Don’t U know
How it goes!
Some things don’t change
Will remain the same…
One GOD,
One MOM,
One road I choose,
One pain in my brain
That makes me insane.
The step I take,
The move I make,
I’m a warrior
And I remain the same,
I’ll never change
Evil will remain the same
Even if U say I’m insane;
Look up in the sky
After dark comes the light,
After sadness comes happiness,
After one tear comes a smile,
After a peaceful night
There’s a hard up life.
Evil from my soul
Will remain strong;
I have to fight back
To remain good enough
To open the door
To the next floor.
It’s the same…
No change,
First breath gives u life
And the last makes u die.
That’s life,
Can’t c the deadline.


No more sorrow, no more tears
That’s enough to make us killers.
Day by day
We became slaves.
Our soul is not so strong
To support so much cold;
As the day falls down
You start thinking the trouble now.
Maybe it’s to late
Or maybe not
But at list you can try
And make something right.
It’s your life, not mine.
As the wind blows
Trying to wipe out
The dust from your sight
The nature trembles
At the sound of the bell
…in this cold night
…death is coming from Hell.


A crossroad puzzle in this game
No help from a friend;
Watch your back by yourself
Cuz’ there is a life
Waiting to come like a pleasant rhyme!
Only a illusion for a ruthless life.
You steep on quick sand
Always looking ahead;
Never look down
On the ground
U’ll miss the signs
That can show you real life
This is a quest
You’re a wayfarer
With hope and wishes
That makes u go further
In icy road
Above the ocean
Above the world
It may brake; and you’re rush
You’re to scare to hush
And the noise you make
Will smash the ice
In front of your eyes.
…you’ll fall…
Like the eagle from the sky:
Learn to fly and save your life.

Screaming in desert

Screaming in desert
Fear keeps u prisoner
Hope can set u free,
Frozen tears from the sea
Turn the clouds from the sky
In devils of the night.
Screaming in desert,
I taste the tears,
I feel the sorrow…
Will I live enough
To c 2morrow!?
The clouds will change
In angels of the past
Cuz the wind of death
Moves too fast.
There’s no place to rest
Pain is in a chest…
Accept ya own DEATH!

Next day

Every night when I close my eyez,
There’s somethin’ in my mind
Which bothers me all time;
All the young kids that die
Before they have a peaceful night.
At home they feel so alone,
Cuz’ the don’t have a mom
To warm their souls,
Tell’em there’s a hope
And give’em a goodnight kiss
After hanging around on the streets
Learning how to be a thief.
After nightfall
Another day is passing by
But I can’t forget
How is life
In street’s paradise.
And even if they tell me
That 2morrow is gonna be
Another day of crime and misery,
I never lose my hope in the youth.
I feel that, one day
A heart full of gold
Will make a better world.

Born & buried

Burn in this wildest dream
From a flower sin,
Feel the sword in my heart
When I wake up in the morning,
Cuz’ I died in the shadow of life…
And buried in the clouds of the Past
At the shade of a dream covered by dust.
Cuz’ the earth moves too fast,
The sun is passing by…
And I feel the blade of Death
In my soul’s emptiness.
I’m buried every time
I close m eyez in the night
And born every morning
When I take my first breath.
Maybe LIFE is an illusion of DEATH
And my soul is buried
In my own body…[20\08\2005]


I hear gun-shots in m head
But can’t get up again …
To walk in holy heaven.
I slip in darkness
Cuz’ world is so heartless.
The frozen tear from my eye
Will smash my heart ‘til I die,
Cuz’ I’m guilty of my own death
When I had my last breath
I felt that life’s a dream
To the way of mighty DEATH.
But this dream is like a fresh rose
Which in my hands
It burned like hell,
Ashes it’s all what remained.
After ears of hate,
The dream has rich his end
And I wake up
To live another dream
‘til its end.


Have u ever been in darkness,
In a place where nobody cares
Who r u
And what u wanna do!
Ya soul is half black, half white
Ya heart is black like night
Maybe u can use a knife
To change the sky
And the earth in the same time
The clock is ticking
Ya mind is going down
The body is already dead inside.
The soul can’t fight
Against the evil from darkness
Cuz’ we r hopeless,
There’s no one
To give us roses…!!

Dead inside

dead roses,
cold tears,
my eyez show fear
rise my head 2 the sky
and c the moon bleedin'
in this cold winter night
i feel the snow on my face
meltin' and vanish in the air
just like the hope that comes from nowhere
and vanish in the smoke of sorrow
so i guess .....
4 many of us it won't be a 2morrow.
and like a cold pray i say:
let the sky crumble,
let the sky dash
unleash the storm's devil...
let me awake 4 my cold dream
inside my shelter, where no heart beats,
no soul lives.
devil's blood drips into my veins.
with a deadly kiss
she'll take the death 4 my lips
cuz' i'm angel and demon
in her dreams....!
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some old lyrics
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