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 my last lyrics

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MesajSubiect: my last lyrics   Vin Noi 14, 2008 12:00 am

Warped feelings

The storm of memories in my mind got me so blind,
The blood in my veins is cold as a tear in flames.
So I feel the pressure in my heart
Damn! I’m a gun in the hands of God
With the bullet in my hands
So easy 2 blow away this fuckin’ life we spend,
I am kept inside by the walls of my mind.
Music, lyrics, rhymes, is what makes life so alive
Feelings are just smoke in oblivion’s fog…
Crying, smiling r just masks which covers shadow faces
We r moving but don’t know where 2 go
The steps on the ground we make is just an echo
Of the past, it will pursue behind the glass.
Time means seconds,
Time means dayz,
Time means years
Damn…u r just slaves!
The world is a illusion in the coffin of ya mind
U gotta wake up and wash the window of the past
Cuz the future looks so warped through the glass
Fake smile on everybody’s face
Why life must start the same
From a lie, cuz angels can’t fly…..
But I hear the kids cry, that’s the truth in this life.
I take a look back and I feel…
I feel so strange Lord; I can’t take it any more
Rainy days upon my grave on a sunny day…
What’s wrong with the world babe??
Maybe kindness is a disease that keeps the circle
Of mankind on the right wire of life…
On a corner of a street a kid begging’ 4 something 2 eat,
On the street expensive cars r passing by…
Images of an unfair life…
U c kids starving in every country and u don’t do nothing
Just words, words and no facts
So all ya motha’ fuckers kiss my ass….
I’m aware there’s a dark spot in each paradise
But why do u try 2 magnify
Something that’s making life a suicide crime
So if u wanna live then u must kill…
Let’s take a teenage girl as an example
Who drops her baby kid
Cuz she’s so addicted 2 heroine,
She doesn’t have a man, but she sleeps with many
Is not her fault,
The world made her a whore.
Life is an evil paradise and we are angels
With muddy wings pretending we r kings
But the kingdom is a hilarious dream…
Fuck…there’s no queen
Only roads and mirrors and the wind,
Moving pictures is what life means
Dayz r just pages from the album made by dreams….
Warped feelings is what people have,
Hurting easily the ones they loved
‘I’m sorry’ r the words u say
And pretend everything’s gonna be ok
U walk away and ignore the rain.
So sad that we forget so easy to appreciate
The ones that hold us by the hand…….
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my last lyrics
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