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 my lirics part 2

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MesajSubiect: my lirics part 2   Lun Noi 10, 2008 6:24 pm


I feel da pain,
I feel da luv,
I feel da sorrow in my heart.
And it’s true
U feel it 2
Ain’t no lie
I feel my heart cry.
My soul died
In a body buried by time.
My mind gets confuse….
Why am I still alive???
I deserve 2 die!
I missed my heart die,
I wasn’t there
2 c da tears,
I wasn’t there
2 feel da pain,
I wasn’t there
2 make it live.
Life gets older
And let death 2 take control
Of da whole world,
Dryin’ da last drop of hope,
Last tear of will 2 live.
Maybe I can use a knife
2 change my sky
Before mom’s cry
That makes da rain fall from sky
Sinkin’ my soul I sorrow...
Hey…how can I survive till 2morrow???
Life seems 2 be
Just a luv song 4 me.
Written by my sister and I

Wrong or right

A day,
A flower,
A sin
And my life begins
In da hands of a queen….
A curse,
A bless
A heart beats in my chest
One cry,
One smile………
Close my eyez and life begins
Somewhere in my dreams
So hard 2 live,
So hard 2 breathe
In da world 2day.
Sorry….I forgot 2 pray,
There 2 much pain.
In da corner of my life
Death spares that soul of mine;
How am I suppose 2 know
What’s right,
What’s wrong:
2 hate,
2 rape…
2 kill,
2 steal
Makes life a sin
But still, that’s what
Makes da world 2 live...
4 me,
4 u
There’s no truth,
There’s no lie…
We r born 2 die????
That’s da question of life.
U believe in lord
And maybe is wrong,
Maybe is right…
If u ask me
I believe in me, but I trust in lord
That’s what makes me strong.
In da rain of tears
That washes my dreams,
In da coffin of ashes
Where life use no glasses
Nothing is what it seems…
Every ending
It’s a begin…….

Sweet Lady

(Dedicated 2 a special Lady…U)
What da fuck
Ya smile hit my heart
Like da bullet from a gun
Damn! I think I’m inluv
Or maybe I’m just krazy
My heart goes insane when I c ya face
Those cherry lips,
Those crystal eyez,
U and ya pretty smile…
Girl with u I wanna spend my life
U r a gift from God’s paradise
Makin’ my life 2 shine,
I’ll treat u right…
Never makin’ u cry…
In this cold winter night…lets stay 2gether
Makin’ luv til sunrise,
Getting’ high,
Starin’ in each others eyez…
Damn girl…it was luv at first sight….
Still hoping not 2 lose da dream
Where u r my Queen,
U r da fresh air I breathe.
I feel so crazy
My blood is burning
Ya smile is da reason
I’m writing down
Cuz’ when u smile
U make me sweat, make me dream
Lady u r da one I need:
U r my world, my everything…
Lady please don’t leave
I give u da flower from my heart
Da one called luv,
That grew in my heart
Since da day I saw:
Ya lips, ya eyez, ya smile…
Da sweetest girl
U make my heart so alive…
I got thug luv 4 u lady
U make my heart act krazy
Maybe I’m a little krazy
But I hope she luvs me….
U r da wild rose in da garden of my heart
Nothing can tear us apart…
When I first saw ya smile
I felt I’m in paradise
And u an angel from da sky….
But Lady I was wrong
No angel can be
So beautiful,
So shine,
So sweet
As u
Cuz u r my baby-boo…
Lady let me be ya king
And u can be my Queen
In yhis life of sin……..

Hate 2 luv u

When I close my eyez
In every night …since I met u
Ya face comes 2 my mind
And I can’t sleep at night
Thinkin’ why u don’t luv me!!!!
My luv 4 u is undefined
Da rain falls from sky
Every time u make my heart cry!!!
With ya angel voice,
Ya heavenly smile
U stole every drop of my life
And now I feel so empty inside
Cuz u lady ain’t by my side.
My heart is broken
In one million pieces of tears
That feeds my sorrow
There’s no one by my side
2 c that I cry
2 help me smile!!!
So I say:
There’s no reason 4 me 2 smile
When da only girl I like
Is so far away from my heart
I know
She doesn’t share my luv!!!!
I know
I was a foul 2 fell inluv with u
But I don’t regret I met u.
U make me smile,
U make me feel that I live
U r da girl I need.
U sent me a picture
And all I c is a beauty Queen
How much I wanna be ya king!
But it seems I’m just a lonely angel
With broken wings
No one gives a damn about what I feel
Nobody bothers 2 luv me
U r da sparkle from my heart
That made me feel true luv.
When u said u don’t luv me
I felt da whole world crushin’ on my heart
Damn….those words froze my heart
And I know I can’t luv anymore
Da way I luv u.
U said 2 find another girl
But Lady don’t u c
My heart only needs ya luv
2 beat and be warm….
I had a dream with u
I take ya hand
And flay away
In a place without time and space
2 rich the edge of luv with u in my heart!!!
And when I open my eyez
I woke 2 da real life…
U were not by my side!!!
The bed was empty and cold…
I just wish da dream 2 go long
Cuz only in dreams I have da chance
2 feel ya touch,
2 hear ya voice.
Damn girl I feel so sick
Da disease is da luv I feel
And u r da only one that got da antidote
Even if ya words hurt me so much
My feelings 4 u get so high
Every girl that I c and speak 2
It reminds me of u……
I c u in every girl I know
Ya smile keeps chasing me.
When I hear on da radio
BSB or blue
All I think about is…U.
When I hear ya voice on da phone
My heart goes up and down.
I just wanna call u
Every second
Every minute
Every hour
Every day
Cuz’ I can’t stay without hearing ya voice.
U have a special place in my heart
Til’ da death do us apart.
When I c u next 2 another man
It gets me mad…
I wanna hate u
But I can’t cuz I luv u!!!
And I have one wish 2 go
And u know what that will be….
Nothing more than 2 luv me!!!!

Kind of a life

Sittin’ on a bench in da park
Lookin’ through da sky…
Da sun seems 2 smile at me
Maybe is the child in my that wants 2 be happy
And suddenly comes 2 my mind
O story of a young crucked girl
And I ask myself Why
A mom drop his lil’baby in da street
Sayin’ “life is better without him”…
She has no excuse
Maybe in a way I understand…she was abuse
By a mother fucker coward
Who thinks 2 rape a young girl is cool.
I wanna feel ya pain
And understand da way u think
Knowing is hard 4 u…
But ya baby boy, what did he do???
Is flesh of ya flesh,
Blood of ya blood
How can u call yourself a Mom!!!
How can u live knowing
U just kill one of ya seed…
All day u get high
Hopein’ 2 forget ya crime…
But every night u hear him cry
U lose ya mind and suicide!!!
I hope one day 2 have a baby
2 come and kiss me in da morning
So happy 2 c him smile at me
How proud I am 2 be a daddy
2 c him grow
Day by day.
and sometimes I say
There’s nothing more important in life
Then rise and luv ya child
Knowing one day u will be proud
2 call him ya Son.
Back 2 time
I’m just a young krazy guy
Writing some rhymes…
Watching on da news I c
Children dieing, mommas crying
And I feel so guilty
Cuz’ I can’t do nothing
2 change something….
This madness
That’s ruining our world,
Our dreams.
How can a 5 years kid can have a dream
When all that he sees a TV
Is rape, crime, misery
And this fucking poverty
That makes us kill and greedy
At home he feels no luv
His guilty of coming 2 this world
His mom keep tells this all day long…
He never heard da word luv,
Never had a birthday 2 celebrate.
Bitter tears on his face
Falling from his sad eyez
Seeing kids happy on Christmas time
Receiving gifts and laughing all da time.
He’s freezing in da cold
But he doesn’t care no more.
He’s on da roof on da 3rd floor
Wants 2 jump off 2 this world…
No one gives a damn
It’s just another street kid dead!!!!
And I say
“This is Da kind of life
We live!
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my lirics part 2
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