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 my lirics

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Mesaje : 11
Data de înscriere : 10/11/2008
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MesajSubiect: my lirics   Lun Noi 10, 2008 6:24 pm

Lookin’ through da heart
By Nigeru’

There’s da white,
There’s da dark
Da 2 sides of my heart.
Is da devil or is da angel inside me
That makes me so krazy!!!
Maybe u can tell me Lady,
4 me is too much confusion
In my mind life is a illusion.
My worst enemy is me
And my best friend is my enemy
So death is da one I trust.
But will my heart last
2 c my kids havin’ kids
Da joy 2 c them smile
On every Christmas time
Or will I die before I’ll meet my wife
Da one 2 spend my whole life
2 make me smile and cry in da same time???
U keep runnin’ all ya life
And u don’t know why…
Waz da reason u smile,
Waz da reason u cry???
Maybe people r looking 4 luv
Me…what am I looking 4???
Am I lookin’ 4 my soul
2 find peace on this earth???
This world ain’t da place I belong
Or am I lookin’ 4 that girl
That can teach my soul
Da word luv.
Lady nature plz understand me
Death is da only friend I need,
I’m not afraid 2 die
Only scared of losing my faith
Become a shadow in this life,
A slave of time.
So Lady plz come and party till sunrise
Let da music getting’ u high
Side by side
We r having fun
Playing like fouls…
I won’t take u 2 my bedroom.
U r sweet, u r nice
But u r 2 drunk 2night
U say something about makein’ luv
But I don’t wanna brake ya heart…
2morrow when u wake up
U won’t remember all that!!!

Martie 2008

Second view

Second view…
This is something new!
With this written rhymes
I wanna understand da word LIFE.
Not da way we live it,
Not da way we c it,
Not da way we feel it,
But da way we ignore it.
Through da eyez of a kid
That has no much time 2 live.
Ya mama takes u 2 da mall
Yeah!!! It’s so beautiful
U r trendy, u r so fly.
U got a lot of money
And u don’t know what 2 buy
That’s what worries u at night.
So lets start again
From a hospital bed
Where a kid waits
Peacefully his death.
U only say that is so sad
There’s nothing else 2 do 4 him.
But what u don’t know
Is that he feel so alone,
Forgot and lost in da world.
A friend is what he ask 4
Someone 2 spend a night with
2 share his desires and dreams,
Lookin’ on da stars
So bright, so shine
Wonderin’ if 2morrow will be da day
he will pass away.
Da reason why he cries
With his dark sad eyez
Is his mom that gave him life.
Waz da life of a kid
That has no future ahead of him.
He’s on da bed
Prayin’ God 2 spare his life,
Sheddin’ dead tears on every sunrise
It’s another day of crime…
Da minutes of waiting his demise
Eat his soul piece by piece.
His eyez r on da door
Hoping 4 someone 2 come
From da day his mom left him alone
On da stairs of lost desert home.

Martie 2008

A smile

(Dedicated 2 da lady with da sweetest smile)
a smile on ya face
Like sunshine in paradise
Makes me dream 2 a better life
I give u roses
2 wipe da tears
Gliding in endless pain
Life goes insane;
U r my star in da sky
So bright, so shine
Just 2 make me smile
When my life cries
Touched by da blade of time
Ya eyez sayin': goodbye my luv,
But maybe I’m wrong.
U just scared of sharin' luv
With a lunatic like me
But I’m serious girl,
Even birds sing:
I luv u
Moon is my witness
Be my wife 4 life
I’m tired of runnin' alone
In this cursed world.

Devil cries

I ain't begin the lord 2 save,
I ain't begin the lord 4 mercy,
I ain't begging the lord to bless me...
I’m standin' in the rain
Acceptin' my own fate.....
And wondering: am I dead?
The lord lost me
Long tome ago,
When I drew my first breath
Cuz' devil shed tears on my soul
And evil's flowin'
Through my blood.
He cried
The mom gave me life
When I saw the light
4 the first time
He kisses my eyes
Freezing my mind
Unleashed the demon inside.
I’m another dead angel
With broken wings
Fallowin' devil's will
U’ll find my steps next 2 him.
In my eyez u c
The anger they gave me,
On my hands
Sets the blood of my enemies:
I show no mercy, I feel no guilty!!!
Sweet revenge..... Feeds my hate
Please forgive me, mom
4 not cryin' when u died....
I feel????
A heart beats in my chest
It’s only an illusion of my death?
Had devil stole my life
And I didn't realize!!?
Mom’s voice in my dreams:
Fight 4 ya seeds!
Searchin' in the ashes of my soul
2 find that thing.....called luv
But all I got left is a drop of faith...
So lord
I’m not so lost
There’s a little window, hide
In the cross-road puzzle
Called life.
Now devil cries
Scared of losein'
Another angel of the night
Showing his human side.
He burned my eyez
2 make me blind,
No eyez I need 2 fallow my dream,
2 chose my destiny...
Cuz mom still prays 4 me
Never lost her faith in me
Even if she knows
Heaven is dead 4 me
I’m cursed 2 be
Dead angel all my life
And it seems
Nobody will cry even if I die...!
Thank u mom
4 keepin' ya son
In ya heart 4 eternity
That’s what makes me smile
In this tough life....
And the devil
Still cries!!!!!

Feel it

‘Dedicated 2 u mammy’
All the trouble from life
Make me realize,
That all people lie
When they say “better life”.
The past is the dark,
The future is unknown,
So present is unsure;
We live through hard times,
Facing all the drama
Every morning I miss my mama.
All the sweet words
That she used to say
To make me feel OK.
She will stay forever in my heart
As the queen of my life
Fighting to rise me right;
And m mission
Is to make her proud…
She’s the only one
That disserve my truly love.

I wonder

I wonder, if heaven is the place I go
After I leave this painful world;
I ask myself, what will be
After this years of misery?!
In the world all I c is cruelty.
This ocean of temptation
Make us blind,
U r too weak
To defeat the waves of illusion,
In our mind is confusion;
U r not in the position
To take the right decision.
The truth in life
Is like a river
Covered b pitch…
So U can’t c the goldfish.

Rainy luv

That luv full of pain
Made ya heart black again,
Tears come from ya eyez
Like the snow from the sky.
Turn a soul cold as ice,
In a stormy night
U feel the emptiness inside
Cuz’ I ain’t by ya side,
To wipe the tears from ya heart
And bring again sun in ya soul.
But damn girl!!!
U look so nice, U r so fly…
U r the flower and I the butterfly.
I feel ya heart close 2 mine,
When I look on the moon
All I c is U…
I remember…
U were so bright
Staring at U all night.
Our luv is like a black rose
That stays alive
In front of hands of time.
U r the moon of m heart
U feed me with a luv,
U warm me with a light,
And make me c when I’m blind…
Even if u ain’t b m side.
Is an unfilled luv
In this blackness world,
Between 2 lonely souls;
Don’t shed a tear now!
Cuz’ Death will steal our souls
When God will make the call...
And take’em in a place better then this,
Where we will receive the deadly kiss…
To keep our souls 2 in 1,
This is the eternal luv.
{iulie 2005}

So lost

What must I say,
What must I do?
2 save my soul...cuz I know
I’m so lost in da world.
On a heavy cold rain
I’m sinking in dark
Cuz I’m 2 blind
2 c da tears of a young girl.
She lost her life and soul
A hand is what she needs
2 dry her father sins.
In her eyez I c a story
That makes me regret I live,
Feel so shame that I breathe
Her tears bury my heart
In da devil’s land.
She’s a truly queen
That must disserve 2 live.
I give my life
Just 2 c her smile
I kneel and kiss her lips
Maybe that’s what she needs
2 feel free
From a childhood of misery
With no mom
Only an alcoholik dad.
Beat her all day,
Abuse her all night
From da early age of 9.
For her da stars
R no more on the sky,
Da sun no longer shines her life.
Every tear from her crystal eyez
That froze da heaven’s gate 4 humankind.
She was….she is
Da angel on earth
With a heart of gold.
She’s da bright future 4 us
But we bury her in da past.
Da greed eat our souls
True luv…can’t find no more.
But lady plz receive my kiss
And show me how luv suppose 2 be.
I’m so lost, she’s so lost
In da tears of dust
So young, so hopeless
She’s one of da roses
That survive da desert storm of life….
I c people
Get drunk,
Get high
Or suicide…
What is wrong with this world lady?
Can u tell me!!!
How it’s like 2 be
So lost, so lonely
On da street of drugs and poverty,
Selling sex make u lose ya faith,
U r treat with no respect
Just cuz u wanna live
When no one gives a damn if u breathe.
And I cry tears of life
Hoping 2 make this wild rose 2 grow
From the ashes of my soul
Cuz lady…u r not alone.

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Sus In jos
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Stupid Devil

Mesaje : 14
Data de înscriere : 11/11/2008
Varsta : 45
Localizare : constanta

MesajSubiect: Re: my lirics   Joi Noi 13, 2008 8:42 pm

Mi-au placut un pic mai mult versurile in eng si asta ma face sa ma intreb ce parere ar avea un nativ englez despre ele.In rest OK Very Happy.Chiar le-am citit cu placere
Sus In jos
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Mesaje : 11
Data de înscriere : 10/11/2008
Varsta : 32
Localizare : constanta

MesajSubiect: Re: my lirics   Joi Noi 13, 2008 10:14 pm

pai da....k in engleza am inceput sa scriu de prin 2003.Very Happy
iar versurile in romana sunt scrise recent...le am scris intr-o noapte fara somn:D
mie nu mi place poezia asa mult...imi place muzica rap si de aceea scriu versuri in engleza:D
chestia cu versurile in engleza e vocabularul:D trebuie sa le gandesc in engleza Wink
Sus In jos
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Stupid Devil

Mesaje : 14
Data de înscriere : 11/11/2008
Varsta : 45
Localizare : constanta

MesajSubiect: Re: my lirics   Joi Noi 13, 2008 11:15 pm

'On a second glance' ca sa zic asa mai exista si alte diferente decat limba intre versurile in eng si cele in rom.La cele in eng versul este scurt si alert,iti creeaza senzatia ca te dai intr-un carusel de imagini si senzatii la poezia in rom versul este mai lung si ritmul mai lent si intensitatea mesajului este parca diluata de lungimea frazei
Sus In jos
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Mesaje : 11
Data de înscriere : 10/11/2008
Varsta : 32
Localizare : constanta

MesajSubiect: Re: my lirics   Joi Noi 13, 2008 11:55 pm

asa e....cand am scris versurile in romana ma gandeam la un ritm lent de rap:D si este prima oara cand scriu in romana.in engleza e altceva,nu scriu o poezie,ci scriu versuri.le pun pe foaie asa cum imi vin in cap.
apoi le pun cap la cap sau le mai modific.totul a pornit de la muzica la mine,nu de la poezie...
Sus In jos
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Mesaje : 11
Data de înscriere : 10/11/2008
Varsta : 32
Localizare : constanta

MesajSubiect: :D   Vin Noi 14, 2008 1:56 am

am mai adaugat ceva la poezia in romana.pt k oricum nu e terminata:D
Sus In jos
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MesajSubiect: Re: my lirics   

Sus In jos
my lirics
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